Accountancy Services

Personal and Business Accountancy

At Lisa Benson we provide accountancy essentials for both your personal life and your business. With our free initial consultation, we can assess your needs and formulate a strategy made for you.

Taxation and VAT

Lisa Benson can help you stay on top of your tax returns and filings. By keeping your tax strategies current, we can reduce your pay-outs whilst ensuring you get the best returns. We can also submit VAT returns for your business, accurately and on time.

Payroll Management

Running your own payroll is complicated and time consuming; at Lisa Benson we let you concentrate on your business as we handle your payroll responsibilities with care and precision. We can provide you with payslips, regular summaries of activity and advise you on PAYE queries.

Business Start-ups

With Lisa Benson you can ensure the best chance for success for your new business with our business planning services. We can advise you business structure and viability, along with our trusted financial management advice.